Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer HEAT!

Hello friends!

I apologize -- I have been a terrible blogger lately, but I wanted to let you know that I am STILL here and will have some great deals and tips to put up here shortly. The last week or so has been VERY busy for me as I prep my household for the "back-to-school" season! (While still trying to enjoy what's left of the summer!)

TELL ME: Have you found any awesome deals lately? Where is your favorite place to shop? Are there any specific stores/items you would like to hear more about??

Speak up!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

LL Bean

LL Bean is running a 20% OFF sale on selected summer items, and FREE shipping on ALL purchases for email subscribers! This sale ends TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT EST! Check it out HERE!

This is a great chance to grab some LL Bean BACKPACKS for back-to-school and take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING! The great thing about LL Bean backpacks is that they are extremely durable, AND if they ever rip/tear/break, LL Bean will replace the entire backpack for FREE! (If you don't live near an LL Bean location, I think shipping charges may apply for exchanges, but that's it!) This way, you can save money over the next few years on backpack purchases, as these have such a long life and if they ever DO break you can just exchange them for a new one.

So, a $30 purchase will give you a backpack that your child can use throughout all of their school-years... rather than spending $20 every September for a new one each year. How fun!

Do the math: Let's say your child is going into Kindergarten and you spend $20 for a backpack every year for the next 13 years. Over the course of their schooling years you will spend at least $260 on backpacks (that is assuming you don't have to replace them mid-year due of damages). BUT if you buy a $30 LL Bean backpack, and replace it for FREE if it breaks, you save yourself $230 in the long-run. Not too shabby at all! If you have 4 kids, you'll save yourself almost $1,000. NICE!

Don't forget about the Cash-Back Bonus Savings!

UPromise participants earn even MORE savings with an extra 2% cash back!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

JC Penney Exclusive Online Sale!

Right now, JC Penney is running an exclusive online sale!! This is a great chance to stock up on brands like OshKosh, Arizona, Okie-Dokie, etc!

You can get some great deals here, with prices on apparel are starting at $3.99! AWESOME! Take advantage of this opportunity to stock up on next summer's clothing or grab a few items for back-to-school!

Make sure that you use one of these promo codes at checkout for even MORE savings!!

  • If you make a $75 purchase, shipping is FREE with this promo code: 75DAZE


  • If you spend $50 get $10 OFF, or spend $75 to get $15 OFF with this promo code: SUNNY4U

AND, don't forget about the Cash Back Bonus SAVINGS!!

Bank of America "Add it Up" participants can earn an additional 4% cash back on this purchase right now!

UPromise participants can earn an additional 3% in cash back!

Happy Saving!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

UPromise Savings Program

I thought I should share a little bit about how AWESOME the UPromise savings program is. Really, it's a GREAT program that every parent, grandparent, God-parent, like-parent, future-parent or even anyone just looking to save money on day-to-day expenses should be signed up for! One of the most common misconceptions about UPromise is that it’s only for college savings – well it’s NOT!

The money that you earn through the UPromise savings program can be used in several ways:

  • 1.) Pay down an existing student loan
  • 2.) Transfer to a savings account
  • 3.) Invest in a 529 College Savings program
  • 4.) OR you can request a payout check and your earnings will be mailed to you!


UPromise has linked up with thousands retailers both ONLINE and INSTORE, along with restaurants and gas stations all over the country (you can even enter your zipcode to find local restaurants that offer cash-back for dining at their establishment!) When you sign up for their savings program, their website will list all of the online retailers along with the eligible cash back percentages (AS well as special discount codes, sales, and free shipping deals!!)

For example, purchases are currently eligible for 2% cash back. So, if you spend $50, UPromise will stick $1 in your UPromise “earnings pot.” Also, if you list your debit/credit cards with UPromise, you are eligible to earn even more cash back at several retail, dining, and gas station locations all around the country! Sign up for the account to see participating locations in YOUR area!

[AND, if you open a UPromise credit card, you can receive even MORE cash back on every purchase with the card (regardless of retailer). But if you DO, just make sure you pay off that credit card balance as SOON as the statement comes in – creating debt is NOT saving money!]

Check out their website (HERE: UPromise) for more information on how you can make UPromise work for YOU! The program is totally FREE -- it doesn't cost anything to sign up, no membership fees, NOTHING! Check it out, and start earning cash back today!!

Happy Saving!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Black Friday! In July!?

I have two for you this evening, saw both of these listed over at the Budget Mommy site and had to share with the rest of my friends and family.

THIS FRIDAY, July 23rd, is going to be hosting it's own exclusive "Black Friday" sale for one day only. Check out the preview HERE; and make sure that you bookmark it in order to access it on Friday! (BOGO deals, deep discounts, etc!!)

Don't forget, a $50 purchase = free shipping!

*Use your Upromise Program to receive an additional 2% cash back! OR use your
Bank of America Add-it-Up program to receive an additional 4% cash back!


ALSO, Hanes is running an entire site-wide 20% OFF sale right now! There is no coupon needed, all merchandise is marked down. If you go to the clearance section you will find some children's shorts/tees listed as low as $1.99!! There's also some boys pullover hooded sweatshirts in there for $3.99! Get 'em while supplies last, because inventory will be running out VERY quickly!

If you score some items off the clearance sections, head on over to the undergarments/socks and take advantage of the 20% discount to stock up on those much-needed necessities! (Not sure about you all, but I know that MY husband goes through socks like CRAZY!)

Remember, orders of at least $55 receive free shipping, too!

*Use your Upromise Program to receive an additional 4% cash back! OR use your
Bank of America Add-it-Up program to receive an additional 6% cash back!

Happy Saving!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Childrens Place -- Summer Sale

The Childrens Place is currently running a great sale to closeout their summer inventory. Take the opportunity to stock up on next summer's shorts! Their summer line of polos and tees also make great additions to your back-to-school wardrobes!

Also, if you use coupon code (JULY2010A) you will receive an additional 20% off each item!

Here's a few good grabs...

  • Matchable tees/tanks: Regular ($6.50); Sale/Coupon: ($2.40)
  • Jean/Pocket Shorts: Regular ($12.50-$19.50); Sale/Coupon: ($2.40)
  • Polo Shirts: Regular ($12.50); Sale/Coupon: ($4.00)
  • Cotton Shorts: Regular ($6.50); Sale/Coupon: ($2.40)

Toddler Girls:
  • Printed Tees: Regular ($7.50-$12.50); Sale/Coupon: ($1.60)
  • Matchable Tees/Tanks/Shorts: Regular ($6.50-$9.50); Sale/Coupon: ($2.40)
  • Shorts/Capris/Shirts: Regular ($9.50); Sale/Coupon: ($3.20)
Toddler Boys:
  • Matchable tees/tanks: Regular ($6.50); Sale/Coupon ($2.40)
  • Cargo Shorts: Regular $12.50); Sale/Coupon: ($2.40)
  • Polo Shirts: Regular ($10.50); Sale/Coupon: ($3.20)

There are definitely deals to be had, here! Also, if you have a Upromise account [What's UPromise??? More to come on that one, later!], your purchase will qualify for an additional 3% cash back!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Closeouts

With new lines of fall and "back to school" clothing due to hit the shelves in a couple weeks, many stores will be marking down their summer apparel in an attempt to make room for the new goods. Take full advantage of these markdowns, and use them to stock up for next year!

It's a pretty reasonable rule of thumb to assume that your kids are going to be at the next size up for the following year. So, if your child is in a 4T right now, I would gather together size 5T's for next summer.

Here's an example of how I made out last week on some of those "Summer Closeouts" at (just to name a few samples):

  • JumpingBeans CottonShorts: Original($12.00); MY COST ($3.24)
  • JumpingBeans CargoShorts: Original($12.00); MY COST ($2.16)
  • JumpingBeans Tees: Original($12.00); MY COST($2.16)
  • UrbanPipeline Polos: Original($20.00); MY COST ($5.10)
  • MUDD Jeans Co. Tee: Original($22.00); MY COST ($3.74)
I did purchase multiples of these items whenever a different color option was offered. Some of the tops will be worn this fall for back-to-school, and some are the next size up so that the kids can wear them next summer. ALL of these items were found in the "Clearance" section!

In addition to the markdowns, I put in a coupon code (sorry, didn't write it down!) which discounted my shopping cart by an additional 15% -- this discount is reflected in "MY COST" above.


And of course, through the Bank of America Add-it-Up program I received an additional 4% cash back from this transaction!

Tomorrow morning the Sunday ads come out, and I'm sure a few more stores will be starting their summer blow-out sales! Check the circulars, and rummage through those clearance sections!